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The Wonderful Pets of Zoom

Anna Darling '24

Staff Writer

Classes are difficult, especially over Zoom. After rolling out of bed, logging onto class, and preparing for a long lecture, a surprise guest in the professor’s camera is a welcome treat. Sometimes, it's a sniffing nose in the corner of the screen. Sometimes, it’s a swishing tail swinging just into sight. Sometimes, it’s the pat, pat, pat of little paws perusing around the professor’s office. Professor’s pets can change the whole mood of the class, turning a normal day into something special. Do you ever find yourself wanting to know more about these animals? Luckily, five staff members at Randolph-Macon have given the inside scoop on their pets.

First, we have Callie Lindgren!

Callie is a five and a half year old Golden Retriever. Her favorite activity is meeting new people. President Lindgren describes Callie as “very social. [She] loves people – especially R-MC students [and]… is always excited when she sees someone new. She is great with toddlers, like our 1 ½ and 3 year old grandchildren, and good with other dogs as well.” President Lindgren’s favorite memory with Callie is “her first R-MC event, the Senior Picnic in the backyard of the Dalton House in 1995. She was 2 months old. Her feet didn’t touch the ground for nearly two hours as she was passed from student to student, table to table.” Even though Callie is a beautiful and wonderful dog, she does have her moments of chaos. Lindgren explains that “on several occasions… [Callie] has chewed up our grandchildren’s favorite stuffed toys.” If you ever see Callie around campus, be sure to give her some love!

Next, we have Flo Goodwin!

Flo is a New Jersey rescue and in “cat years, she is about 56. In human years, 10.” Flo’s favorite activity is Dr. Amy Goodwin. Goodwin describes Flo as “gentle, sweet, and snuggly.” Dr. Goodwin says her favorite memory of Flo was “finding all of her toys in my bed when she was a kitten.” Not every memory is a good one, however, as many pet owners experience the stress that arises from a pet struggling with health issues. Goodwin’s least favorite memory with Flo was “staying at the emergency clinic for four days and [her] being catheterized.” Luckily, Flo is doing well now and sometimes pops in during Goodwin's Zoom classes.

Next, we have Princess Pulver.

Princess is a German Shepherd mixed with Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees and is five months old. Mr. Adam Pulver describes Princess as a “complete diva, who is extremely protective of those she loves. She loves to roughhouse and play.” Her favorite activities are roughhousing and eating. Pulver’s favorite memory of Princess is “the first time [he] ever gave Princess a Puppuccino from Starbucks. She stared at the cup of whipped cream and wasn’t too sure how she felt about it. The moment she sniffed it, she got so excited that she stuck her entire snout in the cup and got whipped cream everywhere.” However, Pulver struggles with watching his puppy grow. His least favorite memory is “looking at photos of her from just 3 months ago and seeing how big and fast she is growing.” Ask for pictures if you see Mr. Pulver walking around campus.

Next we have Max and Murphy Naoroz.

Max (left) is a five year old German Shepherd. Dr. Caroline Naoroz describes Max as “extremely playful and energetic, as well as independent and intelligent.” His favorite activity is “playing fetch or wrestling with his dog brother, Murphy.” Naoroz’s favorite memory of Max is “moving from the city to a farm and seeing how much Max loved having space to play!” However, there are always scary moments with owning a pet. Dr. Naoroz’s least favorite memory was “when Max dislocated his hip as a 2-year-old and putting him on crate rest for 2 months.” However, Naoroz looks on the bright, and says that “seeing him do hydrotherapy was really cute, though!”

Murphy (right) is a Czech German Shepherd and is six years old. Naoroz describes him as little bossy [and] protective [due to his prior work as a police K9], but extremely snuggly.” Murphy’s favorite activity is “sleeping in bed or on the couch next to his mom and dad.” Naoroz’s favorite memory was “taking Murphy on vacation to the Outer Banks.” Her least favorite memory was “when Murphy rearranged the furniture in the sunroom and ripped a seam on the couch.” Crazy dog! Be sure to let Dr. Naoroz know how cute these sweet boys are!

Lastly, we have Koto and Beau Doering.

Koto (right) is mostly a Border Collie and is seven years old. Dr. James Doering describes Koto as “cheerful, clever, and always looking for something to explore. Her list of destructive crimes is extensive, from electronics to expensive chocolates to donut mix.” Her favorite activity is going on walks. Doering’s favorite memory of Koto was “when she had to stay overnight at the Emergency Vet after eating a plate of chocolate cookies. When I was saying goodnight to her, she escaped from her kennel and ran all throughout the hospital until the techs could corral her.” Sometimes our lovely pets like to run away to explore! Doering’s least favorite memory of Koto was when “[his family] had students over soon after [they] got her, and as [the students] began to arrive, she shot out the front door. [Doering] had to chase her throughout the neighborhood.” He describes this experience as “not fun.”

Beau (left) is “a mix of various breeds, probably Akita, Pit Bull, and Lab” and is two years old. Doering describes Beau as a “big personality [who] is simultaneously interested in everything and terrified of everything. He loves to be hugged and sit on people’s feet.” Beau’s favorite activity is spend[ing] time with his pet rock (not a joke; he found it in the yard and carries it around with him).” Doering’s favorite memory of Beau was “when [his family] fostered a puppy for a night, and [Beau] had a chance to play with a dog that had his same energy and personality. He loved it!” Beau also has an appetite for escape. Doering’s least favorite memory was when Beau “figured out that he could jump our fence. Luckily, he quickly remembered that he was afraid of all things, so he came right back.”

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