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A Celebration of Generations: Homecoming 2019

Caitlyn Scherger '22

Features Editor

The Yellow Jackets getting ready to score in the 2nd half. Photo Courtesy of Caitlyn Scherger.

On Oct. 11 and 12, Randolph-Macon College celebrated Homecoming Weekend by welcoming hundreds of Yellow Jacket families, friends, and alumni, as well as current and prospective students.

Representatives from many different classes, including the most recent class of ’19, showed up in force to every activity, like stargazing and reunion meals, throughout the weekend.

Campus was especially packed on the day of the Homecoming football game. The bleachers were lined with attentive spectators, and the parking lot was filled with animated souls enjoying the annual tailgate celebration.

“It’s a very community-based unifying experience,” said Huma Jafree ’22. “Homecoming is a time for celebrating the present-day community--what it is, and what it could be.”

And what a unifying experience and celebration it was! Starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, families, alumni, and students gathered in the Brock Center parking lot to begin the festivities. The parking lot and surrounding grass spots were almost completely filled with decorated tents and fun. The lot became a sea of lemon and black. Many families had enormous signs representing R-MC, as well as full spirit gear and furniture. Food was everywhere. Some families brought full grills and enough food to feed an army. Old friends reunited, shared drinks, and reminisced about their college days. Various stations were pumping out assorted music: country, rap, pop, and many more, to jam out to while waiting for the game to start.

Organizations and departments from the college also participated in tailgating. Many of them had tents that not only encouraged visitors to wander, but also to learn more about the various organizations around campus. For example, Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a service fraternity, hosted a fundraiser called Pie A Professor, where students could buy a pie that, as the event’s name implies, they then used to pie a professor. Additionally, organizations like Men with a Purpose and departments such as the Edge, the Nursing Program, Honors, and Computer Science, as well as many others, intermingled with the other fellow tailgaters, which created an overall sense of unity and community.

Old campus organizations gathered for tailgating too. The amazing members of the 1984 R-MC football team held a reunion for alumni to remember the days of the ’84 season and interact with players that made the season happen.

In order to help rally fans before the game, R-MC’s pep band also intermingled by walking around the tailgating area. They stopped a couple of times throughout the area to play a quick song and hype up R-MC fans for the upcoming game. With two students on horns, one on drumsticks, and the rest clapping, the pep band was successfully able to get fans excited and ready for the game.

A little before one o’clock, fans began filling the stands and got ready for the big game with their bellies full and spirits high. The Yellow Jackets faced off against the Shenandoah Hornets, and fans of both teams came out to support. There was a packed house on both sides of the stands, as well as fans looking out from the balconies of Birdsong Hall, including members of the Yellow Jacket Club, who watched from an eagle view at the top floor of Birdsong. The members of R-MC’s spirit team, the Cheer and Dance team, wore pink in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also to remember those who are fighting or have fought breast cancer.

Kicking off the first quarter, Shenandoah received the football first but ended up handing the ball over to the Yellow Jackets without scoring. Unfortunately, the first quarter was not favorable for either team as both teams were unable to score throughout the entire first period.

The second quarter was more exciting, as the Yellow Jackets were able to score a touchdown with 8:52 remaining on the game clock. The touchdown was run in by Jordan Foster ’20, and the entirety of the first half was closed out with the score being 7-0, in R-MC’s favor.

The R-MC Football Team of '84 during halftime. Photo Courtesy of Doug Buerlein.

At halftime, the members of the 1984 Football team were recognized and brought onto the field for their 35th anniversary of the amazing ’84 season. During this season, the team finished with an eight-win, one-loss record, and beat Hampton-Sydney 31-10 to win the ODAC championship. The ’84 team ended up finishing in fifth place in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) that season.

After the astounding ’84 team walked off the field, attentions were turned to what many were waiting for: Homecoming Court and Royalty. While each class had four students in the court, only two of those four would become Homecoming Royalty and were crowned. For the Class of ’23, the court consisted of Izzie Aisenberg, Jacob Massey, Nia Jones, and Summer Kujawa. The Class of ’22 court was comprised of Fattima Flores, William Hass, Sam Wiersberg, and Cully Wilkins. Class of ’21 court was represented by David Funderburg, Elise Knobloch, Elizabeth Magee, and Reagan Peters; the Class of ’20 had nominated Bailey Hartsell, Ria Khandpur, Mark Link, and Gabby Russo.

The 2019 Homecoming Royalty consisted of Jacob Massey, Summer Kujawa, Sam Wiersberg, Cully Wilkins, David Funderburg, Elizabeth Magee, Mark Link, and Gabby Russo.

The R-MC Homecoming Court poses for a group photo. Photo Courtesy of Doug Buerlein.

Once Halftime was completed, the football game continued with much more action and excitement than the first half. R-MC received the football first and scored a touchdown with that drive, making the score 14-0. However, Shenandoah returned with their own score shortly after R-MC’s second score. Near the end of the third quarter, R-MC recovered a fumble that was popped by Matthew Vergara ’21 and was recovered for a touchdown.

Scoring didn’t slow down during the fourth quarter, either. Early in the quarter, R-MC sacked Shenandoah, forcing a take-over-on-downs, which eventually led to another R-MC score, making the score 28-7. Within the last six minutes, Shenandoah and R-MC both scored another touchdown, making the final score 35-14, a Yellow Jacket win. R-MC’s defense was on fire that day, forcing a total of five turnovers, three interceptions, and two fumbles.

This R-MC victory helped round out the weekend and bring Homecoming to a close. However, this will not be the last of big celebrations here at the college. The Game, R-MC vs. Hampton-Sydney, is in a couple of weeks, and is a home game.

Taylor Cox ’22, a member of CAB, has hinted at the celebrations and gathering to come for the big game.

“For Hampton-Sydney, big things [are yet] to come,” she said. So, hold onto your Yellow Jacket spirit as the big display is just around the corner!

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